The snail Daedalochila hippocrepis ,horseshoe liptooth, is a terrestrial snail, meaning that it lives on land (Cheatum, 1971). Found in the state of Texas, in the United States, the Horseshoe liptooth inhabits the Edwards Plateau. Comal, Kimble, Edwards and Kendall counties are the specific areas in which the snail resides (Cheatum, 1971).

     Knowledge of the snail’s specific habitats is not extensive, but scientists have made inferences in an effort to expand upon the information available. Generalizations were made based upon the habitat of the Edwards plateau, the only known region where the horseshoe liptooth is found. An uplifted land mass formation, the Edwards Plateau was formed from deposited limestone (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 2012). Juniper-oax and mesquite-acacia trees scatter the landscape of the plateau, which is categorized as a savanna (Johnson, 2011). In addition to the smattering of trees, the plateau is home to prairies of short grasses, as well as numerous caves (Johnson, 2011). Daedalochila hippocrepis is found on the limestone bluffs and in the forests that create the Edwards Plateau (Cheatum, 1971).  Uncertainty surrounds the details in regards to which portions of the plateau the snail prefers, but the plateau is its only home.

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