Below is the taxonomic hierarchy of the oblique-lined tiger beetle.


Domain                                                                                             Eukarya

Kingdom                                                                                    Animalia

Phylum                                                                             Arthropoda

Class                                                                        Insecta

Order                                                                Coleoptera

Family                                                       Carabidae

Genus                                               Cicindela

Species                                     tranquebarica

Photo by Denis A. Doucet


Each taxon has requirements that the organism must meet to be considered part of that category.

Domain Eukarya is the domain that contains all organisms whose cells have a membrane-bound nucleus.

Kingdom Animalia, which means "animal," is characterized by as organism's multicellular body, with cells that lack cell walls. In addition, animals are heterotrophic, meaning they consume other organisms to obtain nutrients. (BugGuide 2012)

Phylum Arthropoda, which means "joint foot," includes animals with many jointed limbs. Arthropods must also have an exoskeleton and well-developed organ systems. (BugGuide 2012)

Class Insecta, meaning "insect," is characterized by its members' three pairs of legs on the thoracic section of its body. (BugGuide 2012)

Order Coleoptera, meaning "sheath wings," contains insects with thick, hard forewings and membranous hind wings that fold underneath the forewings when not in use. (BugGuide 2012)

Family Carabidae, which means "crayfish," is characterized by the hind legs facing backwards. (BugGuide 2012)

Genus Cicindela, which means "glowworm," holds ground beetles that are brightly or metallically colored. This genus is considered the tiger beetles, who were given their common name for their bright bodies with white or cream-colored stripes. (BugGuide 2012)

Species tranquebarica, which was named after the Indian city, Tranquebar, has the common name of oblique-lined tiger beetle. In geometry, an oblique line is one that is at an angle to the horizon. The stripes of the tranquebarica are at a steep angle to its body, earning them this name. (Acorn 2001)