Daedalochila subclausa



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Distribution of Daedalochila subclausa

Snail on Rock

Daedalochila subclausa live in the southeastern United States, primarily Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. This species can typically be found in open, grassy areas, usually near water at a mean distance from sea level of 5 meters (Polygyridae). Specimens have typically been found in road side swales, drainage ditches, and salt marshes. Their optimal habitat is under dead wood or leaves or under stones, chiefly limestone or shale, coming out in the open at night or in rain (Pilsbry, 1940).

Terrestrial snails require adequate moisture for locomotion and reproduction. They create mucous trails when they move, and much of the mucous is made of water. Snail eggs can be at risk of drying out, which is why they are usually found under organic material (Snail Anatomy).

Many other creatures prefer the same moist environment as Daedalochila subclausa. Other land snails, insects, salamanders, snakes and plants can be found in the same habitat. D.subclausa makes a common meal for birds, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and insects (Pilsbry, 1940).



A few of the snails that share the same habitat as Daedalochila subclausa include:

Praticolella mobiliana
(Choctaw Scrubsnail)
Lobosculum pustula
(Grooved Liptooth)
Lobosculum pustuloides
(Tiny Liptooth)
Polygyra septemvolva
(Florida Flatcoil)
Tridopsis hopetonensis
(Magnolia Threetooth)
Inflectarius inflectus
Polygyra cereolus
(Southern Flatcoil)

Daedalochila subclausa have a variety of ways in which the adapt to their surrounds. To learn more click on Adaptations