Inflectarius verus

Classification -


Domain - Eukarya  - I. verus is in the Eukarya domain because it has cells which contain a true nucleus and membrane bound organelles.

Kingdom - Animalia  - I. verus is in the Animalia kingdom because it is a multicellular, heterotrophic animal that lacks a cell wall.

Phylum - Mollusca  - I. verus is in the Mollusca phylum because of the presence of a mantle that aids in its excretory and respiratory needs, a nervous system, a coelom, and an invertebrate body.

Class - Gastropoda  - stemming from the Latin meaning of 'belly-foot,' I. verus is in the Gastropoda class because it has a head, foot (which acts in some ways like a belly), and a shell containing other vital organs.

Order - Stylommatorpha  - I. verus is in the Stylommatorpha because it is a pulmonate, land snail, which has two tentacles containing eyes.

Family - Polygyridae  - I. verus is in the Polygyridae family because they have no dart apparatus, something that is distinctive to Polygyridae, and the jaws of Polygyridae are ribbed.

Genius - Inflectarius  - Stemming from the root word inflection, meaning to change the shape of the base, I. verus is in the Inflectarius genius because of how the shell changes as it whorls around.

Species - Inflectarius verus  - I. verus has a true change in its shell shape compared to those that it is closely related to


Interesting Facts:

The common name for the Inflectarius verus, is the Velvet covert. Breaking down the words the species could get its scientific name from having a  true whorl in its shell which stems from the Greek roots; Inflect, which means bend and verus which means true.

Size: 12.1-14.6 mm

Description: Shell has 5 to 5.5 whorls; imperforate; depressed; periphery rounded; well-developed parietal tooth; which is long and slightly curved; basal tooth present but weakly defined; formerly listed as Mesodon subpalliatus/verus. (Dourson, 2006).

At present time (using current nomentclature), I. verus is not considered a valid species. In the most recent publication on taxonomy, Mollusks 2nd edition (1998), classification is listed as uncertain (Dourson, 2006).


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