Lobosculum pustuloides is equipped with several features in its body structure that have proven beneficial to its existence.  These include tiny hairs on its shell, and a tooth on its lip.


The tiny tooth on the lip of a snail's shell is thought to help protect them
from invading predators like small beetles or to help them balance their shell
to allow them better locomotion (Wildlife Diversity Notebook, 2009).

The tiny hairs, as shown in the picture below, allow the snail to grip onto wet vegetation (Pfenninger et al, 2005).  The hairs allow the snail to stick to wet leaves that they may be eating from or living on.  These hairs have been found to be an ancestral character that other species have lost through adaptation (Pfenninger et al, 2005).

This snail is an example of one that has both tiny hairs and a tooth.