Inflectarius subpalliatus




The Shell                                                                                    Land snail anatomy.                                               


 Little is known about Inflectarius subpalliatus, but based on the knowledge of the class Gastropoda, the land snail has a coiled, one peice shell, that has experienced torsion.




 Torsion is a very distinguishable characteristic of the visceral mass of land snails. This starts with a contraction of the asymmetrical foot retractor muscle, which pulls the shell and the enclosed viscera 90 degrees counterclockwise. (Hickman, et al. 2009). When the torsion is complete, the shell is turned 180 degrees, so the anus is situated over the head. (Hickman, et al. 2009).


Nervous System

The circulatory and nervous systems in gastropods are very well developed. (Hickman, et al. 2009). Included in the nervous system are three pairs of ganglia along with sense organs, such as eyes and chemoreceptors. (Hickman, et al. 2009).



The foot of a snail can vary greatly depending on what type of snail it is, land or terrestrial. It can be used to attach to a substrate or for locomotion, or a combination of the two. (Hickman, et al. 2009). Muscular contractions are what cause the slow, creeping locomation, along with locomation, the foot also leaves a bed of secreted mucus that helps with adhesion. (Hickman, et al. 2009).