Within the Class Gastropoda, feeding habits vary among different animals and are dependant upon their shapes and habitat (Hickman et al., 2009).  They can be herbivores, either grazers of browsers, feeding mainly off plants, fungivores feeding on fungi, detrivores which are those animals living on dead and decayed flesh, and/or carnivores which are animals that feed on other animals.  However, most pulmonates, air-breathing snails, are herbivorous.  Whether they be one or a combination of those fours types of feeders, all gastropods use some adaption of the radula (Hickman et al., 2009).

Stanied section of the radula.  Retrieved from Rick Gillis. Animal Biology Manual.The root word "radul" means scraper which goes to explain the function of the radula, a tongue-like organ, used for scraping, tearing, and drilling algae and/or prey (Gillis, 2012).  On the surface of the radula are chitinous teeth pointing backwards which aids in attaining food (Gillis, 2012).  

Not much is known about the specific nutrition of Linisa tamaulipasensis because it is not a very popular or studied snail. 

     Gary the Snail. Retrieved from Wikipedia.

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