Species-Chortophaga viridifasciata

Eukarya are defined by a nucleus or nuclear envelope that contains the genetic material of the organism.

Animalia (or Metazoa) are heterotrophic, meaning they depend on getting their nutrients from other organisms, and multicellular.

Arthropoda are characterized by having an open circulatory system, chitonous exoskeleton, paired segmented appendages, and are bilaterally symmetric with a segmented body.

Insecta have three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes, and a three part body (head, thorax, abdomen).

Orthoptera have incomplete development (egg, nymph, adult) and most are herbivores.  They have front wings that fold back over their abdomen and many can make and detect sounds (Meyer, 2009).

Acrididae is a family made up entirely of grasshoppers.  The grasshoppers have a short stout antennae.

Chortophaga are green to brown and often with two to three large dark bars on the tegima, longitudinal  streaks on the tegima, and dark bars on the top of the hind femur (DiTerlizzi, 2004).

Chortophaga viridifasciata are characterized by their disk of pronotum angle, upper face of hind femora not strongly banded, hind tibiae dirty yellow or brown, and frontal ridge not concave at level of antennae (Brust, Hoback, and Wright 2008).


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