Fantail Darter: Etheostoma flabellare


The fantail darter can be found in either the United States or Southern Canada, only being seen as far north as Quebec. In the United States they stay in the general area of the Mississippi River with none west of the Rocky Mountain Range.  


Medium brown coloration indicates areas with fantail darters present.   

The fantail darter is a freshwater fish that tends to prefer shallow water such as streams and small rivers, though they are not limited to these areas. Fantail darters have also been discovered in larger lakes, such as the Great Lakes (Johnson, James H., and James E. McKenna, Jr. 2007), as well as wide streams with swift currents (Etheostoma flabellare 2012). Even when they are found in these more sizeable environments, though, they inhabit the shorelines. A study done by Cornell University concluded that this specie preferred rock bottomed, shallow waters with faster currents (Singkran, Nuanchan 2007).


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