Classification-Shovelnose Sturgeon

Animalia- it is multi-cellular, it is heterotrophic it does not have chitin cell walls, and it has epithelial tissue (these characteristics make it an animal)

Phylum Craniata- it is a vertebrate meaning it has a spinal column

Class  Actinopterygii- the presence of a ray fins

Order Acipenseriformes- it is a type of sturgeon/paddlefish with a cartilaginous endoskeleton

Family  Acipenseridae- it is a sturgeon due to barbels, also known as whiskers, and its bony back

Species  Scaphirhynchus platorynchus

The translation of its scientific name is "spade snout." The name comes from its flat broad snout.

One very distinguishing characteristic is the presence of a dorsal fin that could have from 30 to 36 rays and a anal fin that could have from 18 to 23 rays. The Shovelnose sturgeon is also one of the smallest and most common sturgeon. (Montana Field Guide,1999)





Figure 2. Shovelnose sturgeon Wisconsin DNR August 31, 2012


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