The Latin meaning for Anguilla rostrata is "eel", "beaked", respectively. The common name for the Anguilla rostrata is the American eel.


Domain: Eucarya

     Kingdom: Animalia

          Phylum: Chordata

               Class: Actinopterygii

                    Order: Anguilliformes

                         Family: Anguillidae

                              Genus: Anguilla

                                   Species: rostrata


The American eel was classified at each of these taxonomic levels by the following criteria:


Eucarya: Eukaryotes have a nucleus and membrane bound organelles(1).

Animalia: Animals are multicellular, heterotrophic organisms that do not have a cell wall(1).

Chordata: Chordates have a postanal tail, a notochord, and bone and cartilage can be found in the vertebrates(1).

Actinopterygii: Ray-finned fishes have an ossified skeleton and a swim bladder. They have one gill opening, a paired set of fins, and a muscular body(1).

Anguilliformes: Anguilliformes include the eels and morays(2).

Anguillidae: Anguillidae are the family of catadromous eels with embedded scales and prominent pectoral, dorsal, caudal, and anal fins(2).

Anguilla: The Anguilla are a genus of eels that live in freshwater and return to the ocean to reproduce(2).

rostrata: As previously mentioned, the Latin meaning of rostrata is "beaked", pertaining to the American eel's elongated nose(2).


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