Domain: Eukarya
    Kingdom: Animalia
        Phylum: Chordata
            Subphylum: Vertebrata
                Class: Actinopterygii
                    Order: Perciformes
                        Family: Pomacentridae
                            Genus: Amphiprion
                                Species Name: Amphiprion percula
                                    Common Name: Black finned clownfish

 Kingdom – Animalia

·         Amphiprion percula is a member of the Animalia kingdom because it is multicellular, heterotrophic, and has a digestive tract.

Phylum – Chordata

·         Amphiprion percula is classified under chordate because it contains a nerve cord, notochord, along with visceral clefts and arches.

Subphylum – Vertebrata

·         The fish is further classified in the vertebrata subphylum because they contain backbones.

Class – Actinopterygii

·         Amphiprion percula are grouped into the class Actinopterygii because they contain lepidotrichia, which are “fin rays.”  These fins are supported by bony structures that a directly connected to the internal skeleton.

Order – Perciformes

·         Perciformes means “perch-like.” Amphiprion falls into this order because of their fin lay out, which is perch-like. 

Family – Pomacentridae

·         The family Pomacentridae is noted for an orbiculate body shape.  On each side they also contain one nostril on each side. Also including ctenoid scales.  Amphiprion percula contains these characteristics, placing them in this family.

Genus – Amphiprion

·         The percula clown falls into this category because of the symbiotic relationship that it forms with an anemone.

Species – Amphiprion percula

·         Amphiprion percula was first described by Bernard Germain de Lacepede in 1802.  “Its genus name, Amphiprion, is derived from the Greek word ‘Amphi’ which means on both sides. The Greek word ‘prion’ means saw” (Boyer).   Together, these two words are used to classify  Amphiprion percula