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Autumn leaves background       The Common Silverfish is found in many humid parts of the world, usually preferring humidity levels in the range of 75% to 97% (University of Arkansas, 2005). When found outdoors, they are regularly under organic and inorganic matter in the wild such as rocks, leaves and the nests of animals. However the silverfish is more often found inside man made structures. More specifically, when it is found indoors it is often living on the lower levels of buildings near water pipes because of their aforementioned preference for high humidity (University of Arkansas, 2005). In fact, the most of the species of the family Leptismade found the United States, are not native to the country. The family of insects has been spread largely by humans, further linking the life of the silverfish to that of the human (Sturm 2009).


        The Silverfish's niche is a unique one, being that it's existence is so coupled to that of humans. As previously mentioned it is generally found in dark damp places in homes where they feed on paper and other products that are scavenged from humans. It gorges and performs most of it's activities during the night but remains dormant during the day to avoid detection from predators (University of Arkansas, 2005). This niche does not feature much competition for food sources but the Silverfish does live alongside Sowbugs, Millipedes and Spiders, however it may compete for nesting area and territory with these animals (University of Arkansas, 2005). The Silverfish may not compete with other arthropods for food, but it often has to avoid becoming the food of its neighbors. It is prayed upon by myriad of creatures, which include: Earwigs, Centipedes and some Spiders (Cox,2012).