The St. Croix Snaketail is very sensitive and particular about where it lives.  This species prefers to live in a fast-flowing, medium-sized river.  Additionally, they need a river with a gravel, sand, or rock bottom.  Most importantly, this dragonfly species requires clear, clean water to survive (Dunkle, 2000).  Pictured to the left is an example of how clear the water should look in order for the species to grow and reproduce.  Also of note is the cobblestone bottom just below the water near the shore.  This species sensitivity to pollution is a big reason why it is on the endangered species list (Minnesota DNR, 2013).

Geographically, this dragonfly species is mainly home to the St. Croix River which flows between Minnesota and Wisconsin in the upper Midwest.  Some of these dragonflies are home to nearby riverines which are surrounded by forested watersheds (Wisconsin DNR, 2013).