Classification of Chelonia mydas

Domain: Life
    Kingdom: Animalia
        Phylum: Chordata
            Class: Reptilia
                Order: Testudines
                    Family: Cheloniidae
                        Genus: Chelonia
                            Species: Chelonia mydas

Kingdom - Animalia

Chelonia mydas is a member of the Animalia kingdom because it is multicellular, heterotrophic, and possesses a digestive tract.

Phylum - Chordata
Members of the Phylum Chordata possess a notochord, nerve cord, and visceral clefts and arches which Chelonia mydas contains and is therefore a member of this phylum.

Class - Reptilia
Chelonia mydas
is a member of the class Reptilia for multiple reasons such as lacking an aquatic larval stage and lay eggs with an amniotic membrane that allows the embryo to breathe on land.

Order - Testudines
Order Testudines contains Chelonia mydas because of its bony or cartilaginous shell. This order contains all extant and extinct turtle species.

Family - Cheloniidae
The family Cheloniidae contains sea turtles.

Genus - Chelonia
Chelonia mydas
is the only sea turtle species in the genus Chelonia.

Species - Chelonia mydas
Chelonia mydas was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. Chelonia, from Chelonia, is derived from the Greek word chelōnē which means 'tortoise.' Mydas is derived from the Greek word mydaus which means 'to be damp.' When these two words are used together, they describe a tortoise from water.


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