Did you know??

Each species of firefly has its own unique flash pattern that it uses to attract a mate.

Depending on the species of firefly their light can be either yellow, green, or orange.

The firefly is one of the most efficient light producers in the world; nearly 100 percent of the energy produced is emitted as light.

Fireflies are disappearing and scientists aren't sure why. Some are speculating it is from light pollution and habitat destruction.

Even though there are over 2000 species of fireflies, only a few of them actually posses the ability to produce light as an adult.

Fireflies can be found on every continent in the world, with the one exception of Antarctica.

Boone, North Carolina is considered the firefly capital of the world, and hosts many firefly festivals throughout the year.

On very rare occasions fields of male fireflies will synchronize their flashing to create one magnificent light show. This is found to happen more commonly in tropical regions all over Asia.

Fireflies are one of the few light producers in the world who make "cold light." They are able to produce light without producing any heat. Not even your household light bulb can do that.