Bombus pensylvanicus




The American Bumble Bee:  Bombus pensylvanicus


                               Bombus pennsylvanicus

                                                                                                                                           The American Bumble Bee is part of the Domain Eukarya because the cells contain bound nuclei and organelles. It is a part of the Kingdom Animalia because it is multicellular and heterotrophic. It is an Arthopod because it has a segmented exoskeleton. It is of the class Insecta because they possess six legs, three tagmata, and wings. The order Hymenoptera characterizes membraneous wings with larger forewings than hindwing and a constriction between the first two segments of the abdomen. This order also comprises wasps and ants. Bombus pensylvanicus belongs to the family Apidae because of their long tongue and nesting behaviors. The American Bumble Bee is classified within the species Bombus because it is a bumble bee. Species Bombus means 'booming' while pensylvanicus means 'of Pennsylvania'.