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Domain: Eukarya

     Their cells contain a nucleus and membrane covered organelles. 

Kingdom: Animalia

     Heterotrophic and multicellular.  

Phylum: Chordata

     Pumpkinseed sunfish are deuterostome animals that have a skeleton that helps in moving underwater.

Class: Actinopterygii

     Ray-finned fish. 

Order: Perciformes

     Dorsal and anal fins with both spiny and soft regions of the fins.

Family: Centrarchidae

     Pumpkinseed sunfish are a freshwater species with at least three anal spines. 

Genus: Lepomis

     Freshwater species. 

Species: Lepomis gibbosus

     Smaller species of fish that is brightly colored. Mainly found in North America. Common name Pumpkinseed Sunfish.