The Noturus flavus could be considered a typical fish in the sense that it is dioecious, meaning there exists two separate individuals of fish, each either having female or male sex organs (Hickman et al. 2012). 

Studies have shown that females and males are sexually mature between 3-4 years old and on average reach a size of 119.4 mm in length. Surprisingly enough it has been recorded that stonecats are monogamous breeders (Walsh et al. 1985)!

Once a year, anywhere from April to July in water that is 25 degrees Celsius, the female produces an average of 100-500 jelly like eggs in clusters on the underside of flat rocks or other similar structures. 

The male is thought of as having the large protective role guarding the eggs  and larvae until they are mature enough to leave while sometimes the female guards the eggs as well. These embryos are spherical in shape with an opaque white hue, sometimes a light yellow. Along with this coloration, the diameter of these embryos can range anywhere from 2.6 mm to 4.0 mm. Once the embryos reach the larval stage and hatch, their size will have become roughly 6.5 to 7.5 mm in length and are then further able to grow into an adult stonecat (Walsh et al. 1985).  

Stonecat laying eggs
Figure 6. Lateral view of a Stonecat


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