Redhead Duck (Aythya americana)


Habitats: Terrestrial, freshwater and marine (BirdLife International 2012)

Click here for a map of the locations that the redhead is commonly found.  


The Aythya americana is a diving duck, that prefers shallow bodies of freshwater at least twenty eight inches deep. This is the depth that allows for diving. Overall, the ducks inhabit a large range of habitats (Hoak 2003).During the breeding season, the redhead can be found in the Prairie Pothole region of the United States and Canada. During the spring, potholes fill with water to provide a perfect freshwater habitat for breeding (Hoak 2003). Habitat is known through banding, which come from field studies. It is difficult to band diving ducks unless they come to man made nesting boxes. (Johnsgard 1975)