I enjoy going fishing in the summer time; therefore, I am familiar with the fathead minnow and I chose to research more about them. Anyone can find these organisms to be interesting...

Eleven Reasons Fathead Minnows are GREAT!

1. They will not harm any fish of which I know (except small fry when they are hungry).
2. They can be used to feed carnivorous fish, reptiles, and amphibians.
3. They only grow to about two inches on average.
4. They breed just like cichlids!
5. They are so prolific that almost anyone can soon have thousands and yet their breeding is easy to control in an aquarium if you do not want fry. In a pond, natural
predators (frogs, orfes, snakes, turtles) keep them in check while also distracting predators from eating your other species of fish.
6. They can survive from right above freezing to the 90's (degrees Fahrenheit).
7. They make excellent aquarium and/or pond fish!

8. They each have their own personalities.
9. They are beautiful in my opinion.
10. They are inexpensive, typically one US dollar for a dozen.
11. They eat mosquito and other insect larvae and some algae but do not harm higher plants.

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