The fathead minnow can be found swimming in nearly any river, muddy pond, stream, or lake. It inhabits places that might otherwise be inhospitable to other species of fish. The fathead minnows ecological niche in its environment is as a prey item for many predators. They share a habitat with several species such as the mallard and the mosquito, and tons of other species.

Macrohabitat: Widely distributed in ponds, reservoirs, and pools and backwaters of streams. Most common in quiet water over mud substrata.

Mesohabitat: Tolerant of poor water quality, including low oxygen; seem to do well in marginal habitats. Tendency to occur in isolated areas with few other resident fish species, suggesting they are poor competitors with other fishes. Tolerant of high turbidity and frequently found in sluggish prairie streams; abundant at localities with soft substrates.

 Pimephales promelas Habitat Specifics

Temperature preference: 50 to 75 degrees F, can survive 33 to 100 degrees F
pH preference: 7 to 8
Hardness preference: Moderate
Salinity preference: 1 Tablespoon per 10-30 gallons

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