Where can you find the common merganser?

Common Merganser can be found throughout the northern hemisphere in the Nearctic region (North America) and the Paleartic region (Europe and Asia). Although the number of common mergansers has decreased in North America, they are still the most abundant of all the mergansers. During the winter, common mergansers fly south while still remaining in the northern hemisphere. They will remain as far north as open, unfrozen freshwater allows. In North America during the winter, birds will live in midwestern and southern states, New England, and on the Pacific coast of Canada and the U.S. As soon as the snow begins to melt, common mergansers can be found making the journey north to the summer breeding grounds. They prefer to live in wooded areas near rivers, lakes, or creeks. Common mergansers tend to build their nests in hollow trees near the edge of water. Common mergansers are predators who locate their prey by sight, so they tend to feed in clearer freshwaters that are less than 4 meters deep. Common mergansers live in close proximity with many different organisms including freshwater fish, other birds, mammals, and many more. Some organisms include perch, salmon, large and small mouth bass, trout, eagles, common loons, red-breasted and hooded mergansers, black bears, and various invertebrates.



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