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It’s me!! Hey I’m creator of this webpage, my name is Jesse Easley and I made it for my BIO 203 course at UW-LaCrosse. I’m a biomedical student here at UWL just finishing up my second semester of college. I grew up outside of a little town called Greenbush on the east coast of Wisconsin. Greenbush has about 2000 residents, so that means not many other kids to play with So…I mainly got by playing around in the woods and farm fields. During my adventures I’d come across all sorts of little creatures from frogs to baby opossums which I raised in my front porch. I was also lucky enough to come across the spotted salamander! I remember the first time I’d ever seen one was on a rainy day right after school had got out. I was at home trudging around the yard when my dad drove up from work and called me over to his truck, and what was I to find? A slimy salamander! What a little kids dream!! Any way for some reason I’ve always loved those docile little creatures and I’m glad I got to spend so much time learning more about them and I hope you do too!

Last modified April 23 2010

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