The Spotted Salamander

Named for the two rows of yellow spots running down its back,  Ambystoma maculatum, the spotted salamander is one of the largest in the mole salamander family. The spotted salamander is one of the most prevalent salamanders in the eastern half of the country. Despite large populations, the spotted salamander proves fairly hard to find, unless it’s during the rainy seasons of March and April when they come out of hibernation and migrate to their breeding pools.

The spotted salamander's main color is black, but sometimes will be a blueish black, grey, or dark brown. On average, they measure about 7 in, but they can reach lengths up to 9 in. long! Females tend to be larger than males. Compared to other salamanders they are a little stouter with a broad jaw which bulges out near the corners. Interestingly the spots closest to the top of the head tend to be orange while the rest running down the back change to yellow. The underside of the salamander is an off grey.