What else about whooping cranes?

-Whooping cranes can reach speeds up to 45 mph in flight!  So next time you're driving that fast, think about a whooping crane flying right next to your car window with no problems at all! 

-Whooping cranes use thermals and air currents while flying to save energy by gliding.

-Imagine running for more than 7 hours.  Do you think that you would quit before then? Me too.  Whooping cranes, however, can stay in flight for that long and more!

-The remaining whooping cranes cost between $25,000-$50,000 a piece to maintain!

-Sadly, it is believed that of all the chicks that hatch, only about 1/4 reach the Texas coast.  This may not be totally true anymore, however, because there are different flocks now and, like mentioned on my Habitat page, there is a non-migratory flock in Florida.

-Whooping cranes often will migrate in scatted family groups, but they always follow the same general route to and from breeding and wintering sites.

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