American Toad (Bufo americanus)


         The American Toad is found in most of the Eastern United States and the Midwest.  The species is not typically found in the extreme south, only inhabiting northern regions of Georgia and up through the western half of North Carolina. The map below shows a visual of the habitat range the toad inhabits.  Bufo americanus’ are generalists.  They only require a moist substrate and protective vegetation to inhabit.  This makes the species very adaptable.  However, a semi-permanent freshwater pond is essential for reproductive development of the young if the female adult’s eggs become fertilized. They are commonly found in gardens, forests, small ponds, and agricultural fields. Because the toads utilize cutaneous respiration (via highly permeable skin) to obtain oxygen and water, the frog must live in a moist environment to prevent desiccation. They generally live with small invertebrates and insects for a source of nutrition.  To learn more about the toad's diet, visit the Nutrition page. Often organisms such as rabbits, snakes, fish, and birds inhabit the same ecological niche and are predators of the toad. 


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