Get to Know Them a Little Bit Better

Picture by JD Willson

Nerodia sipedon is typically a 2-3 foot long snake with a very thick body.

Many of these snakes are killed by people out of fear that they are venomous. While these snakes will defend themselves if disturbed, they are not venomous, and will not attack without provocation.

If attacked, Nerodia sipedon will aggressively bite their attackers, and also secrete an awful smelling musk to make their predators lose interest. Sometimes, the snakes will even defecate or throw up their last meal in one last effort to fend off their foes.

Northern Banded Water Snakes are actually very helpful to fish populations in their habitats. They kill off the diseased or weak fish, helping the process of natural selection.

Nerodia sipeda is currently not endangered, and is considered to be relatively populous throughout their environments.

Snakes skin does not grow with the body. Therefore, snakes must grow by way of molting. Molting means that the snakes mush shed the outer layers of their skin as they grow to give their body room to expand. 


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