Where To Find Nerodia sipedon

Northern Banded Water Snakes are found locally throughout southeastern Wisconsin, and southwestern Minnesota, but they are also found in many locations all over the United States, and even on other continents. The snakes live in many different types of freshwater environments such as: lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, marshes and bogs.

 The snakes like to be in areas with slow moving or still waters, and open areas where they can soak up as much sun as possible. They are cold blooded animals so they need the sunlight to maintain body temperature.

Sometimes Northern Banded Water Snakes will travel up on land, this happens more in the juveniles than adults, but they never travel too far from their aquatic habitat. During times when the snakes aren't soaking up the sun or on the hunt for prey, they can usually be found near the water under logs, boards, flattened rocks or other kinds of cover.

Picture from Minnesota DNR

For a worldwide map of where Nerodia sipedon resides check out: discoverlife.org


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