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            Hello!  Welcome to my web page about the American Paddlefish, and thank you for visiting!  I hope you enjoyed exploring my web page as much as I enjoyed making it!

            My name is Yer Lor.      I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UW-L) with a Cellular and Molecular Biology major with a Chemistry minor.  This web page came about as a result of a requirement in taking BIO 203 Organismal Biology. 
            As I mentioned above, I was required to create a web page based on an organism that could be found in the Wisconsin area.  I admit, the American Paddlefish was not my first pick (the mute swan) or my second pick (the Asian carp); it was an impulsive pick.  As I was searching the web and looking at organisms that had interesting names based on a list my professor provided online, I typed in Paddlefish on the Google Image search engine and happened to see a picture of the American Paddlefish with its mouth wide open in an article titled “Photo Gallery: Bear-Size Catfish, Half-Ton Stingrays Among World's ''Monster'' Fishes.” The Paddlefish looked so cool with its mouth agape, that picture alone convinced me that I had found my organism.  I had to find out more information about what this American Paddlefish was all about.  
            Upon the completion of my web page, I am very glad that I happened upon that image of the American Paddlefish with its mouth wide open.  I am very proud of the web page that I have developed.  I would like to extend a great thanks to my professor, Dr. Greg Sandland, for answering all my questions I had along the way, helping me look over my web page and giving me helpful pointers on how to improve my web page where needed.  I would also like to thank John Lyons with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for granting me permission to use his pictures that he took of the Paddlefish to enhance my web page, Steven Zigler from the Upper Midwest Mississippi Sciences Center for granting me permission to use anything from the Paddlefish Study Project, and all of my other sources that I used to gather the necessary information to making my web page a success.


Feel free to contact me at with any questions or comments.



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