Jordan Ludwigson

The Bluegill
Lepomis macrochirus



Defining the Science Lingo

*Biological Magnification- A process seen in food webs in which substances (such as mercury) become more concentrated at higher trophic levels within the food web.

*Gastropods- A class within the phylum Mollusca that includes snails and slugs. To learn more about a gastropod, check out the webpage on the faucet snail!

*Heterotroph- An organisms that consumes other organisms for its source of carbon.

*Interspecific Competition- Competition between members of different species.

*Intraspecific Competition- Competition between members within the same species.

*Morphological Characteristics-  An organisms external features.

*Niche- The summation of living organisms and non-living features that an organism interacts with.

Large Southern Bluegill (Retrieved From:

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