Jordan Ludwigson

The Bluegill
Lepomis macrochirus



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AuthorHi! My name is Jordan Ludwigson.  I'm a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in hopes of earning an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences.  My webpage was made as part of a larger project at  I took Organismal Biology as a requirement for my major and have been taught about the diversity of organisms that inhabit different environments.  The theme for thAuthoris years webpages gravitates around organisms from around La Crosse. Last year, I received my high school diploma from Alma, Wisconsin.  There, I was part of numerous organizations and athletics.  My other hobbies include hunting and, of course, fishing!  I enjoyed researching one of the most popular species of fish in America and hope you enjoyed learning about it.




Jordan L. Ludwigson
University of La Crosse-Wisconsin


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