Coast Douglas Fir

                                                                                                            Blue Spruce

Virginia Pine Tree                                                                        

                                                    Norway Spruce

Domain - Eukaryote

Eukaryotic organisms are characterized by membrane-bound organelles.  Most importantly, they also exhibit a true membrane-bound nucleus.

Kingdom - Plantae

Organisms of the Kingdom Plantae are autotrophic.  They obtain their nutrients via photosynthesis.

Division - Coniferophyta (Pinophyta)

Organisms belonging to the Conifer division possess a distinct xylem and phloem and also are gymnosperms.  First members date back to the upper Carboniferous period.

Class - Pinopsida

Organisms of the Pinopsida class have simple leaves and exhibit male and female cones.

Order - Pinales

The Pinales order have needle-like leaves and are woody. 

Family - Pinaceae

Trees in the Pine family are monoecious.  That is, they have both male and female cones on one tree.  This Family included Pines, Spruces and Firs.

Genus - Larix

The genus Larix accounts for about eleven types of Larch trees.  ‘Larix’ is a Roman word for ‘Larch.’  These trees are known for their deciduous leaves.


Species - laricina

Common name - Tamarack

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On the right is a phylogenetic tree transposed from the textbook Biology, cited in my works cited page.  This is based on genetic information.  It shows the evolution of plants from Algae to Angiosperm.

On the left is a phylogenetic tree showing three of the different gymnosperm phyla, going in depth with the Pinophyta.  Tamarack belongs to the Conifer or Pinophyta phylum, and is a member of the Pinaceae family.  This phylogenetic tree shows that the Pines were the first Conifers to evolve.


Here is a Phylogenetic tree that shows all of the genus that are a part of the Conifer phylum.  Larix is closely related with Pseudotsuga, the Douglas Firs.