Glad I could get your attention...introducing Ganoderma applanatum!



     Hello everyone; welcome to my website on Ganoderma applanatum! Before I start spouting off information on this wonderful organism, I would like to tell you how I came about making my website. In my Organismal Biology class (BIO 203), the students have a HUGE assignment, which consists of researching and creating a website on a specific organism one would find in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I so happened to choose a fungus named Ganoderma applanatum, commonly called Artist's Conk/Fungus. In order to learn more about my organism, I went to Myrick Marsh (picture above), a floodplain located in the middle of La Crosse near the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse campus. I brought my camera and started my trek in search of Artist's Conk. I was crawling through brush and climbing up trees to catch these brackets in their natural habitat. Below are a few shots I took while on my mission; if you want to learn more about Ganoderma applantum and see more pictures, check out my website!


Ganoderma applanatum!




Watch this video I made to get excited about this organism. Trust me, you do NOT want to pass this up!




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