*This fungus is UNEDIBLE. I did not find any information stating that this fungus is poisonous, but it is tough and corky. It probably won't taste that good. Just don't eat it!


*It is a tough bracket. With that said, Ganoderma applanatum can be made into stools and furniture if big enough.


*It was calculated that a large 18-pound bracket liberates 30 BILLION spores per day 6 months out of a year. That is equivalent to over 5 TRILLION spores produced annually. This is an extreme case where the bracket grew to an enormous size, but still, the calculation is astounding.


*This bracket has many medicinal purposes. Check out the interactions page for more information!





GREAT QUESTION! You see, Ganoderma applanatum can be made into a piece of art. The underside of the bracket is normally white and very sensitive; if it is touched, even the slightest, there will be a bruise, which ends up looking like a dark spot. Artist’s realized this and started using the undersides of these brackets as canvas. In this photo, Jutta Beyer created a wolf on the underside of a fruiting body she discovered. These artists use an array of utensils to make their creations. Depending on the type of art they want to depict, the utensils will vary from tooth picks to q-tips. If you enjoy this artwork, check out her website to see other wonderful pieces.