Northern Pintail




There is an unbelievable amount of interactions between organisms in the wild and is easy learn to appreciate this diversity and relations of these organisms. Some of these interactions are most prevalent in these categories:

The Northern Pintail is vulnerable predators at every stage of its life. Before it can even make decisions for itself (still inside the egg), they are vulnerable to skunks, hawks, and even some snakes which all prey on the poorly hidden eggs. Once hatched, the chicks are vulnerable to many different animals like foxes, badgers, and gulls. Even when nesting, the mother pintail is vulnerable due to its extreme devotion to its eggs and is hunted by larger mammals like bobcats. Besides all of these predators, the Northern Pintail is most hunted by humans and is considered a prized trophy for bird hunters.

The Anas acuta has such an incredibly diverse diet, which is one of the reasons it is so successful in so many places. To learn more about what the Pintail eats check out the Nutrition page!

Throughout the year this duck makes multiple migrations all over the continent and in doing so it must share its environment with many other organisms, especially ducks like the Lesser Scaup, Blue-Winged Teal, and Mallard.

Because the Pintail migrates so extensively, it is exposed to many different areas and many different food sources. Because of this it is vulnerable to many different parasites such as Cyathocotyle bushiensis.