Earthworms have more than one heart; Five, in fact!

 Red wigglers can regenerate segments of their bodies it they are torn off!

Some estimate that the Eisenia fetida can consume up to its entire body weight in food each day!

These brandling worms make excellent bait for fishing because they do just that - 'brandle,' or wiggle a lot after they are pierced by a fisherman's hook.

Feces isn't always the most talked about or favored subject of most people, but worm feces - known as castings are coveted!  They are referred to as gold soil and are sold for a premium to gardeners because they are so rich in nutrients that plants need.

Beyond that, the liquid layer that collects at the bottom of composting bins shares the same nutrient rich characteristics as the castings though to a lesser degree.  It is commonly referred to as worm tea.  No, don't drink it!  Let your house plants or garden do that.

The most interesting fact about vermicomposting is that is making ground (literally) as a means of bioremediation of contaminated soil and industrial wastes!!!

Earthworms have no eyes! - but they do have little brains. 

Did you know that there is a species of earthworm that glows in the dark?  There is another earthworm species living in Australia that grows several feet long!  Click here to check out a cool You Tube video about them.

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