One of the most interesting facts about B. procyonis is that is can cause a large amount of problems for humans if ingested.  If ingested by a human the larvae will not develop into an adult like it would in a raccoon instead the larvae puncture through the lining of the gut and make their way to different tissues throughout the body.  This is called larvae migration and the reason this can be so detrimental is because no matter where they end up in your body your immune system is going to try and fight back and this is what will cause the large amount of pathology. 

The larvae can move all over the place such as:  the brain, liver, spinal cord, or other organs.  This can in fact cause a large number of different symptoms such as:  nausea, tiredness, liver enlargement, loss of coordination, lack of attention to people and surroundings, loss of muscle control, coma, or and blindness.


Treatment wise there is no real effective way to treat larvae migration.  Early treatment might help to reduce some of of the damage caused by the infection.  If you suspect that may have ingested raccoon feces please seek immediate medical attention.