Endoxyla leucomochla (Witchetty Grub)

Interactions with Other Species

Crazy Creatures, Flickr (Frilled Neck Lizard) and Coetzee, Flickr (Bilby)
    The Witchetty Grub has various ways in which it interacts with other species.  It takes advantage of other species and other species utilize it for food as well.  E. leucomochla isn't the only animal to consume the Wijuti Bush.  Domestic sheep that roam around the Australian Outback use this bush as food and the Western Australian Christmas Tree uses the Wijuti Bush's relatives in the Acacia family a host for food consumption. The Witchetty Grub occasionally will inhabilt Eucaluptus plants like the Broad-Leaf Peppermint Gum.  This tree is home to one of the rarer predators of the Witchetty Grub, the Rainbow Lorikeet, who only eats the grubs when their main food supply is dwindled. 
Other predators of E. leucomochla include the Bilby which is a small marsupial ralated to the
Red Kangaroo, the Koala bear, and the Red-necked Wallaby, and the Frilled Necked Lizard, a relative of the Bearded Dragon Lizard from Australia who eats larger animals like birds.  The Witchetty Grub also shares the island continent of Australia with another creature that is amazing and quite weird at the same time, the marvolous Platypus.  Now that you know some of the interesting species that E. leucomochla interacts with and shares a home with and have learned what you can of this wonderous creature, take a look at the About Me page to find out more about the author of this site.