Endoxyla leucomochla (Witchetty Grub)


fotograf1v2, Flickr
Witchetty Grubs feed solely on the sap from the roots of Acacia plants, mainly the Wijuti or Witchetty Bush (OzAnimals.com, 2011).  This however is not the only interesting nutritional fact about E. leucomochla.  This marvolous creature and a species of longicom beetles (Xylentes ssp.) are associated with Australian aboriginies as food (Bender, 2005).  The aboriginies use the Witchetty Grub as a part of their everyday diet.  Interestingly enough, the grub produces approximately 245cal per 100g of true meat (EcoTrainingAustralia, 2010).  The grubs also have 15.1% protein, 19.2% fat, 100mgs thiamine, and 5mg vitamin C in the same 100g of true grub meat (Devanesen, 2000). Along with the fact that they provide nutrition to the aboriginies, these wonderous little grubs also have a nutty flavor and are said to taste like chicken when properly cooked (EcoTrainingAustralia, 2010).  Now that we know about nutrition, let's head to the Medical Uses page.