Globe Artichoke

Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)

A plant with a heart of gold!

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Rachel and Mom 

My name is Rachel Fenske and I am a Freshman at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse. I am currently a biology major with a minor in nutrition. I do not know yet what career I will pursue with this degree, but I think I have awhile to figure that out. I am also a member of the UWL Equestrian Team. (Interesting Fact - The '10 -'11 President of the Equestrian Team, Lauren Webb, took this class a few years ago and made a super awesome webpage about Salmo solar!)


In my free time I enjoy staying active which includes running, biking, horseback riding, and taking my dog on walks. This summer I will be working at YMCA Camp Minikani teaching the campers about the basics of riding. I am excited to teach others about something I am so passionate about!


This project was an awesome way to learn about the Globe Artichoke in a way that both benefited myself and all those who are now able to view this site! It's a beautiful plant that not many understand. However, its variety of uses and medicinal properties are more than enough reason to learn more about it!



Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions at!


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