Globe Artichoke

Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)

A plant with a heart of gold!

Phylogeny - Who is it related to?


Phylogenetic trees are a tool used to help understand the relationship of one organism with many others.


The phylogenetic tree below shows the relationship of Cynara scolymus with a variety of other organisms according to its classification on the previous page. In other words, this tree displays this classification based on both molecular and morphological data, but primarily morphological.

1. Phylogenetic Tree

















The second phylogenetic tree displays Cynara scolymus with respect to the organisms that it is most closely related based solely on molecular evidence.  Specifically this tree was formed after analysis of rDNA spacers in subspecies of the Cynara genus. In the excerpt shown below, only a portion of the tree is shown below. Each subspecies is differentiated based on location.


Phylogenetic Tree 2


Now that we know how it relates to other organism, let's learn WHERE it calls home!


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