A picture of Salix alba courtesy of Steve Hammonds


The Author

A picture of me camping in the boundry waters in Minnesota Hey everybody! My name is Steven Girard. I am a biology student at the University of La Crosse. I am a biology with a biomedical concentration with a double minor in mathematics and statistics. I plan to eventually go to medical school and become a doctor.

Please feel free to contact me at girard.stev@uwlax.edu. If you have any corrections to the website or just want to discuss Salix alba, I am always happy to talk. 


Other than building websites and school other things I enjoy doing are: hiking, camping, fishing, football, and tennis. All of these activities being outside, it was a natural choice to do my project on Salix alba. 

Building this website was time consuming and difficult, but as I sit here about to finish it; I am thinking to myself how I am going to miss it. This project was wonderful in the fact it broadened my horizons, and some how I feel this project has helped me grown because of that. So, I urge you all to go and check out other people who put in much effort to compile a vast amount of quality information about other organisms at www.multipleorganisms.net.