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About Me

My name is Evan M. Glasgow, and I created this web page as a project for my Organismal Biology course in Spring of 2011.  I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse majoring in Biochemistry.  My goals are to earn a B.S. from this university, continue exploring the fascinating fields of biology and chemistry in a graduate program, and to launch into a research career centered on human health.  I have just begun undergraduate research with Dr. Todd Weaver, a member of the chemistry faculty at UW-L, and I am very excited to see what I will learn!

My hometown is Brodhead, Wisconsin, and I enjoy the peace and quiet of living in a mostly rural suburb.  In my spare time, I take pleasure in reading science fiction novels, reading and writing poetry, or exploring natural locales, such as Myrick Marsh in La Crosse. 

From my research on Eucalyptus dives, I have discovered that plants are truly astounding organisms, tempered by time into the wondrous array of species we see today.  As is evident with the eucalypts in particular, plants exhibit a will to thrive in all corners of the planet, much like we humans do.  And in so many ways, they've outdone us.

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