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Conus magus is a marine dwelling species. It lives in the littoral zone along tropical shorelines. This is the zone between high water and low water, or the intertidal region. There is lots of vegetative growth because the water is just deep enough to allow lots of sunlight penetration, which is necessary for the success of many different organisms. Most often the Magician's Cone Snail lives within the coral reefs in this area where there are plenty of small fish for it to feed on and the soft sand ocean floor is perfect for hiding and hunting. It spends most of the day hiding under the sand or rocks but emerges at night to hunt.

On the map below the yellow dots represent the locations in which Conus magus have been documented to live. As you can see, they are mostly found in the Western Pacific Ocean in tropical regions between 40° north and 40° south of the equator. There is a high frequency of Magician's Cone Snails near the Philippines where the shells are sold in abundance at local markets for collecting or jewelry making.

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The Coral Reefs where the Magician's Cone Snails are located are filled with a huge amount of other organisms. Take a look at the interactions Conus magus has with Friends and Enemies around the reef.

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