Welcome to the Life of Conus magus,
     The Magician's Cone Snail!


Hello! My name is Conus magus, but most people just call me the Magician's Cone Snail. As a member of the genus, Conus, I have all sorts of organisms that I consider family, including the other members of my domain, Eukarya, and more than 500 other Conus species. It all comes down to our ancestry and the organisms from the past that make up our family tree. This tree just continues to grow with help from the birds and the bees. It is so interesting to me how much cone snails have changed and adapted to their environments to become the successful snails we are today. I am a marine organism and I love my home sweet home that I share with many friends and enemies


I am known around the lagoon as Dr. Conus magus because of the pain relieving effects of the toxins in my body. At meal time I use these toxins to capture delicious fish to feast on. Other than hunting and eating my life is rather dull because I spend most of my time resting under a blanket of sand. To learn more about my life feel free to click on the highlighted words in this paragraph or the tabs along the top. 


If you are looking for a place to start try Family, where you can learn about the               classification of Conus magus


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