Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettles)

Meet the Mastermind

 Greetings, my name is Kailee Homolka and I am a wilderness exploring, adventure seeking and plant eating freshman at University of Wisconsin La Crosse. I am currently studying Biology and plan to either attend medical school to or peruse a career in the field of Community Health Education. Regardless, I would like to live and work in a developing nation and help to better the quality of life of the individuals there. I enjoy rock climbing, backpacking, cross country skiing, drinking tea and Chaco tans.

My interest in Urtica dioica stems (haha, PUN!) back to my childhood where I grew up in the woods of North Central Wisconsin. I often came across stinging nettles while exploring our property but luckily my father taught about the elusive jewel weed as a kid so they were never a major problem. When I was young, I liked to show off my wilderness skills to friends and would purposely seek out nettles to get stung and then show then how to cure the sting with another plant. I am so excited to have learned from this project that nettles are more than a painful pest and plan on drinking Nettle Tea and eating these wild greens for the rest of my life.

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you enjoyed learning about Urtica dioica as much as I did.

 If you have questions, comments or concerns you can contact me at homolka.kail@uwlax.edu or my Organismal Biology professors Dr. Tom Volk (volk.thom@uwlax.edu) and Dr. Greg Standland (sandland.greg@uwlax.edu).

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