Domain                        Eukarya
  Kingdom                     Plantae - Plants
    Subkingdom                Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
      Phylum                   Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
        Class                   Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons
          Order                 Linales
            Family               Erythroxylaceae - Coca family
              Genus              Erythroxylum
                Species           E. coca

Domain: Eukarya
Posses true nucleus and membrane bound organelles.

Kingdom: Plantae
This plant is multicellular with cells made of cellulose, autotrophic, photosynthetic.

Subkingdom: Tracheobionta
Posses vascular tissues which allow the plant to evolve to a larger size than non-vascular plants by conducting and circulating resources throughout the plant.

Phylum: Magnoliophyta
Some of the characteristics that plants under this Phylum contain are flowers and seed bearing fruits. More commonly known as Angiosperms.

Class: Magnoliopsida
Plants under this class are classified as dicotyledons. They posses two cotyledons, net-like veins in leaves, ring arrangement of vascular tissue, presence of taproot, and flower parts arranged in either four or five. Click here to find out about another organism from the Class magnoliopsida.

Order: Linales
These plants are simple leaved woody plants or herbs. The flowers of this plant have their floral parts, such as petals, stamens and sepals, born beneath the ovary, consist of or have united carpels, and posses five or more stamens which are present from the beginning.

Family: Erythroxylaceae - Coca family
Consist of about 240 species and four genera. Many of the species from this family contain several different naturally occuring chemical compounds (alkaloids) within the plant, one of which is cocaine.

Genus: Erythroxylum - Coca
Also known as Erythroxylon, these tropical flowering plants are native of South America and are the leading commercial source of the drug cocaine.

Species: E. coca
Most commonly cultivated species of the Coca family. This species can be further divided into several subspecies based on geographical, ecological and morphological characteristics that seperate them. These subspecies include:
    Erythroxylum coca Lam. var. coca-huanuco,
    Bolivian coca grown in the mountanous regions that range from Ecuador to Bolivia,
    Erythroxylum var. ipadu Plowman-ipadu,
    Amazonian coca grown in the tropical lowlands of Amazonia.


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