BIO 203


Many of us are unaware of the medicinal purposes of many organisms. Many plants have many more qualities other than looking beautiful and being used for landscaping. You might be thinking "so what?" It is just a plant, there is no way a flower can have any impact on my life, however this plant contains amazing medicinal properties that we are unaware of. I hope after reading my webpage on the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Shoeblackplant) you become more aware of the impact that this amazing plant could have in YOUR future.


To take a "tour" of the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis check out this Youtube video!

To learn more about the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis visit the classification page!

This webpage is apart of the project on The project started in the spring of 2007. Each webpage is created by a student in the course Organismal Biology at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. Each year there is a theme and the theme for the spring of 2011 is medicinal organisms. I hope you enjoy my webpage as well as many others that are included apart of the Multiple Organism project.


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