• Curare goes by many names. Some of the others are :grieswurzel, pareira brava, pareira, vigne sauvage, uva-da-serra, uva-do-mato, ampihuasca blanca, antinupa, antinoopa, comida de venados, curari, ourari, woorari, worali, velvet leaf, ice vine, grieswurzel, urari.


  • There are two types of curare based on the container they are stored in. Pot curare is kept in pots and generally is made from the Strychnos plant. Tube curare is usually kept in tubes and composed of the Chondrodendron plant.


  • Curare is only fatal and effective on animals if it is distributed into the blood stream. It has no effect if taken orally and is eaten by some Indians in South America.


  • Curare, in the Indians of South America's language, means to "kill a bird"


  • Chondrodendron tomentosum has large heart shaped leaves. They are smooth on the top, but have a hairy, white bottom.


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